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Prepping your home for your photographer

10 Minutes Before Photo Shoot-

  • Do Not Leave Vehicles in Drive Way at Time of Shoot (keep in mind I will see through the windows so do not park where I can see the vehicles).
  • Ensure ALL Weapons are Put and Locked Away!
  • Turn open all blinds. If they are shades, please pull to the side.
  • Are ALL Seasonal decorations removed?
  • Minimize family pictures
  • Turn on ALL lights, check for burned outs!
  • Turn off all ceiling fans (but leave the lights on)
  • Turn off TV & computer screens (in office areas)
  • Ensure pets & children will not be in the way

Your General Areas-

  • De-Personalize your home
  • De-clutter ALL Areas!
  • Remove Seasonal decorations, don’t date your listing!
  • Make sure all your pictures, floor lamps, lamp shades and wall hangings are all hanging level
  • Replace all light bulbs burned out and replace with Matching bulbs. Working Lights Are Very Important!
  • Tidy or Hide all electrical cords & cables

Living Areas-

  • De-clutter/Remove toys, fans, game consoles, pet beds, etc.
  • Remove Exercise bikes/equipment
  • Arrange DVDs, games, books neatly in shelves
  • Clean ceiling fans, Light switches, other Wall Plates

Kitchen and Dining Areas:

  • Clean and put away all dishes/cutlery
  • De-clutter Sink Area, counters and all small appliances
  • Remove detergents, dish clothes, dish rack, towels
  • Clean Sink Area, and all Back Splashes & Range Hoods Especially if stainless steel!
  • Clean Top of Refrigerator
  • Ensure Range hood lights are working
  • De-Personalize the Fridge Remove all objects from fridge, e.g. magnets, photos
  • Remove bins and pet bowls (we can move the trash cans around during the shoot if needed)
  • Ensure paper towels rolls have a FULL ROLL!


  • De-clutter and De-Personalize All Bedrooms.
  • Clear away all clothes – Remove personal items
  • Ensure All Bedroom lamps are working! Working Lights Are Very Important!
  • Remove posters/stickers from walls, Make sure All Picture Frames are Level


  • De-clutter Vanity Counter and all appliances
  • Remove All soaps, shampoos, face washing cloths, toys, scales, bins, etc
  • Ensure All Towels Match and Look Fresh
  • Remove All tooth brushes, tooth paste, razors, hair dryers, etc
  • Clean/Polish All glass and Mirrors, Mirrors
  • Remove toilet cleaning utensils, Seats down

Outside Areas, Pool and Spa and Patio areas-

  • Clean around the outside area of your home
  • Yard Should Look Neat and Well Kept – Give a good impression!
  • Remove All gardening equipment from yard & store away – e.g. hoses, rakes, wheel barrows
  • Clear All Yard Debris – this means Dog Poo
  • Don’t forget the side areas
  • Pressure clean driveway and paved areas if needed. – Makes a great impression!
  • Ensure all toys are put away
  • Remove All pool cleaners and poles
  • Clean Around pool area, remove leaves, debris, etc
  • Arrange patio furniture as a Summer-Time Pool Party
  • Remove All pool Toys

Ensuring these items are taken care of will make the photoshoot run quickly and smoothly and will give your home that extra polished look for photos.